5 Reasons Why You're NOT Getting the Transformation You Desire

When people want a new level of leadership or personal development they seek information – or somebody who can give them information. 

But more information is usually the LAST thing we need.


This "transformation-related information" is one of five things I'll cover that actually prevents transformation.

What You'll Learn In This Free Online Workshop:


How to powerfully interact with your own humanity.

Nothing is "perfect", and yet everything is already perfect just as it is. Embracing this universal truth is at the foundation of deep and lasting transformation.


How to discover or go deeper into what your unique wisdom is.

We tend to dismiss deeply known truths that we can feel inside of ourselves. Learn to discern and distinguish this wisdom from societal projections that hold you back.


Dissolve the confusion to find a truth that's always been inside you.

Cut through the noise of the recent self-development industry "boom" that has literally flooded the Life and Business Coaching space with facilitators that are actually doing more harm than good.

Meet your Host

Founder and Creator of The Modern Day Sorcerer Methodology

Jordanna Eyre

Chief Sorceress of Life & Business

I've helped hundreds of leaders, change-makers, and entrepreneurs just like you integrate their unique wisdom with their business or career and source the power to bring their deep knowing into areas that need innovation or change.


My cutting-edge, proprietary methods and tools are designed to help you develop the wisdom, empathy, and awareness necessary to create the impact and generate the fulfillment you yearn for.

So many things in the course made sense and resonated with me a whole lot. It was like a thread that helped me connect the dots of so many of the thoughts, questions and feelings I had been having about my personal growth journey. It’s amazing how life just brings you exactly what you need at the right time. Thank you so much for this amazing piece of work, Jordanna!

Teboho Koenane

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