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Here's what other leaders and change-makers have to say about their experience with Jordanna's Modern Day Sorcerer programs.

When I started working with Jordanna I had no business. Now I have a business that brings in all of the money I need to live off of - which is a great achievement when you consider the fact that in the last decade I’d tried 10-12 businesses that never worked out! Jordanna helped me remove all of the blocks that I didn’t even realize were stopping me. This work will see what is holding you back. Thank you!

Richard Fletcher


This work opened to a completely new way of healing and transformation. My natural state of being has "expanded" and widened. It is a very freeing feeling. This work is like pull over the car, stop what you are doing, let your mind get blown "transformative".

Olivia LaRue

Founder and Sexual Sorceress of Cortesan Consulting

Don’t let the word Sorcerer scare you! This program brought me back home to myself. This isn’t like any other program I have done, Jordanna brings a fresh perspective to processing things and I love the new tools I am learning.

Talyn Khanbabyan


I’m seeing tangible results at work. My ability to stay focused, stay calm in spite of all of the overwhelming things we’re trying to change at a big company. It’s giving me the patience to just be there with people, be empathetic and let it just unfold. This work is also having tangible results in my personal life. I’m finding increasingly I’m able to be a lot more patient and empathetic for my mother who I’m caring for. It’s a deeply satisfying experience. Being in this program has helped a lot, a lot, a lot.

Chett Rubenstein

Director at Cisco


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